We think a better home is one where you can feel great and live well. Some people call that comfort, but we need specifics. What does comfort feel like and how do you achieve it? So we turned to you, South Africa, to find out what would make a home, better.

We then used this learning in The Design of Stand 51.

Feedback summary of 2300+
South Africans

With an overwhelming number of questionnaires answered we were able to determine what South African buyers wanted from their future home...

It must be flexible...
79% of you want flexibility for the future

You want the house to be tailored to your needs, but here’s the catch...your needs change. An overwhelming 81% of you understand that a spare room can buy a lot of flexibility for the future, if your needs change. It could be used as a home office now, a TV room, or a bedroom for a child or an elderly parent in future without any renovations needed. But 60% of you also know that too many bedrooms can lead to wasted space. A single, adaptable, spare room is such a useful feature in the home, that 75% of you say you would rather invest in this than build too many bedrooms.

It must simplify your lifestyle...
75% prefer the versatility of being able to work from home

You want the home to make your life more enjoyable, and easier to live. For 78% of you that means being able to work from home. No commuting. No stressful office environment. More time with family or chilling out. It must also be peaceful and feel private. For those who can work from home, it is logical to invest in a home office within a tranquil environment.

It must feel open and light...
63% of you would prefer an open plan home

An important part of your home is how it makes you feel. Your home can influence your mood and your sense of well-being. With fewer properties having the luxury of space, open plan design in the living areas like the kitchen, dining room, lounge and TV room, can increase the sense of space in the home. More than 65% of you would prefer an open plan home.

It must be economical...
Over 50% of you are prepared to invest in a future-proof home that carries a lower cost of living

With resources and energy becoming more and more unstable, having a home that uses less energy, and requires fewer alterations in future, is seen as a sound investment that has potential to increase your future resale value.

It must be comfortable.
Full stop.
77% of you agree that your home must make you comfortable year-round

Whether it is Summer or Winter 80% of you agree that your home must be convenient and make you feel good. You want a home that is beautiful to look at by bringing nature into the home through the materials and light, to be quiet and tranquil, to be healthy and revitalising, comfortable in the heat or cold and increase efficiency while maintaining quality


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